Liquid wallpaper

Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper is a wall and ceiling coating, which consists of only natural products: silk and cellulose fibers, decorative mineral additives and adhesive. They are a good/better replacement or a substitute to be applied on walls in place of texture paints or simple wall papers. In dry mixture Silk Plaster takes the form of flakes of various sizes and colors which after the application to the surface make the effect of a monolithic decorative wall coating for the respective space. The absence of joints eliminates the need to match the image, which is the problem with ordinary wallpapers. This is one of the reasons due to which the Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper got into the demand in recent times.

Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper provides unlimited opportunities for any change in the interior without much of the expenses and grand efforts. Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper can be used to implement any design ideas on the walls and ceiling, experimenting with different textures and colors. Amazing beauty pictures and applications – all this is possible to create, having at hand such a miracle as liquid wall covering Silk Plaster. They are flexible and applicable for any kind of interiors and space. They are very well suitable for residential or commercial interiors. They have the immense power to rule in a living room, reception area, office cabin, kid’s room, bedroom, hall, etc.

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